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Social media has changed the way we deliver content to our clients. Handling the translation of longer reports, documents and client presentations is one thing, but how do you manage shorter texts for social media posts and client emails? You may be keen to encourage your colleagues to engage more with international clients via social media, but also want to ensure that your brand image remains intact.

Previously, it would have been impractical and costly to send us these shorter texts (our minimum charge is £100), so we have now introduced a subscription service to help clients to provide timely, accurate updates in English.

In addition, if you need to promote a site on social media to an English audience, we also offer a full social media management service – click here for further information.

Speed to market can be a critical factor in the success of your messages so the service is available via:

  • Email
  • Instant message (Microsoft Teams, Skype, Apple chat)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

This service has tiered support levels to suit either individuals, small teams or full businesses. To maintain quality, the number of subscriptions available is strictly limited. Please contact me to discuss availability.

Payment for these services is strictly monthly in advance. Any texts in addition to the monthly allowances will be invoiced separately at the end of the period.
Free trial period is for 4 translations of no more than 500 words each (separate documents, individual social media messages, client emails, etc) per company to test the service. Please note that the number of free trials available is limited.

*Texts of no more than 500 words, already written in English
**Same business day if received before 10.00 UK time

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FR: +33 (0)7 80 91 66 12
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