Why ImmoTrad?

Expertise in commercial real estate translation

For the best possible translation, you need to find a partner who understands your business, your markets as well as your clients. We have worked with the commercial real estate market for over 15 years and have acquired a detailed knowledge of commercial real estate, business, financial and economic terminology in both French, English and now Chinese. Instead of opting for a straightforward, literal translation of your documents, I adapt your text into easy-to-read business English using the correct, market-specific vocabulary that your clients will understand and relate to. The result is that your documents will be readily understood by your target audience and will not read like a translation.


I understand that translation requirements are often part of a wider process, such as a client pitch or brochure production, and that you will be relying on me to deliver and accurate, quality-checked translation, exactly as promised. I have never missed a deadline and always give an accurate view on timing along with my quotations.

Value for money

My current clients rely on me for my speed, accuracy and reliability and many have commented that working with me has drastically reduced the amount of time they need to spend reviewing translations. My rates are not the cheapest in the market, but reflect the quality of the service you will receive. Please click here to read some recent testimonials.

What does ImmoTrad mean?

If you’re not a French speaker, the name may be unclear! Immo and Trad are abbreviations of the French words ‘Immobilier’ (real estate) and ‘Traduction’ (translation).

Guidance on choosing a translator

For more information on choosing translation services, see the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s guide.

Contact me

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